Terms & Conditions


By signing this order form, you acknowledge that this Pre-Authorization is provided for the benefit of Santas Choice and your financial institution and is provided in consideration of your financial institution agreeing to process debits against your account in accordance with the rules of the Canadian Payments Association.

You warrant and guarantee that all persons whose signatures are required to sign this account have signed this agreement on the front of this order form. 

You hereby authorize Santas Choice to draw on your account detailed on the front of this order form with your financial institution for the purposes of paying for your Santas Choice order and your participation in the HeadStart Plan. 

The amount and cycle of the payments are detailed on the front of the order form. 

This authorization may be cancelled at any time upon notice by you. 

You acknowledge that, in order to revoke this authorization, you must provide notice of revocation to Chrisco Canada, P.O. Box 126, STN LCD 1, Burlington, ON L7R2x8. 

You acknowledge that provision and delivery of this authorization to Santas Choice constitutes delivery by you to your financial institution. Any delivery of this authorization to Santas Choice constitutes delivery by you. 

You acknowledge that you have waived the pre-notification requirement if Santas Choice or you require modifying the payment amount or cycle. 

You agree that your financial institution is not required to verify that the Pre-Authorized Debit has been drawn in accordance with this authorization including amount and cycle. 

Revocation of this authorization does not terminate any contract for goods or services that exists between you and Santas Choice. Your authorization applies only to the method of payment and does not otherwise have any bearing on the contract for goods or services exchanged. 

A Pre-Authorization Debit may be disputed by you under the following conditions: 1) the Pre-Authorized Debit was not drawn in accordance with your authorization; or 2) the authorization was revoked. 

In order to be reimbursed you acknowledge that a declaration, to the effect that either 1 or 2 above took place, must be completed and presented to the branch of your financial institution no later than 90 calendar days after the date on which the Pre-Authorized Debit in dispute was posted to your account. 

You acknowledge that a claim made on the basis that your authorization was revoked, or any other reason, is a matter to be resolved between Santas Choice and you when disputing any Pre-Authorized Debit after 90 calendar days. 

You agree to the disclosure of personal information contained in the Pre-Authorized Debit Information to Santas Choice’s financial institution, as far as any such disclosure of personal information is directly related to and necessary for the proper application of rule H1 of the Canadian Payments Association. 

By signing the Pre-Authorized Debit Information on the front of this order form you understand, accept and participate in this Pre-Authorized Debit arrangement. 


By signing this order form, you acknowledge that all your payments before the date set out in your agreement, will be held by Santas Choice as non-refundable deposits, and at such time Santas Choice will apply the non-refundable deposits against the purchase price of your order. If, at that time, your order is not fully paid, you hereby authorize Santas Choice to adjust your order to substitute your selected item with an item having a value (inclusive of all taxes, delivery, administrative charges, etc.) determined by Santas Choice to be equal to the amount paid or cancel the order if not enough monies are paid.


We reserve the right to deduct a $5 monthly administration fee from any credit balance on an inactive account.



All efforts have been made to check for errors and omissions in typography and photography. However, inadvertent errors may occur for which Santas Choice will not be responsible. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. 


You may cancel this agreement from the day you enter the agreement until 15 days thereafter (Cooling Off Period). You do not need a reason to cancel during this period. If you do not receive your order after 6 weeks from you final payment clearing, you may cancel this agreement within one year of the contract date. You lose that right if you accept delivery after the 7 weeks. There may be other grounds for extended cancellation required by law in your province. For more information, you may contact your provincial/territorial consumer affairs office. If you cancel this agreement on any of the grounds set out above, Santas Choice will refund your money in 15 days. 

How to Cancel: You must give notice of cancellation to Santas Choice, email: penny@santaschoice.ca, fax: 1.877.323.3983 or by mail: P.O. Box 6400, Stn Agincourt, Scarborough, ON M1S 0B2. You must give notice by a method of cancellation that will allow you to prove that you gave notice, including registered mail, fax, email or personal delivery

Santas Choice No Refund policy takes effect 15 days (Cooling Off Period) after you place your order. After the Cooling Off Period, upon approval by Santas Choice, at Santas Choice’s sole discretion, Santas Choice will charge you an administration cancellation fee as follows:

• 15 days after the order date: 25% of monies paid at the cancellation date (up to a maximum fee of $100)

• Cancel within 15 days (Cooling Off Period) of the order date: Santas Choice will issue a full refund


You are advised to retain a copy of this order form for your records. Confirmations and notices sent by Santas Choice through mail to your address or via email will be deemed to be received by you 5 business days after sending. Santas Choice reserves the right to substitute items in the event of any major cost increases.